Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting started

 I'm a resistant blogger, here only to document my thoughts and hopefully relieve some stress and share insights.  I wish I were passionate enough about blogging to have a central theme but the truth is I'm not.  At different points in my life I've attempted to keep a journal (my trip to Africa), write about food, write daily letters to my unborn/newborn son, and I think I started a blog on another site but lost focus, aka interest.  The topic was running and correlating running to social justice work.  I wouldn't be the first to write about the connection, but only the next.  This blog will allow me to write about all the aforementioned topics without feeling guilty that I didn't maintain a central theme throughout my writing.  I trust any readers who make their way here will allow me the space to provide variety.  I am passionate about a lot of things and may use the keypad to write occasionally about them.  One day I hope my son, Xavier get's to read these!

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